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10 ways to spring clean your business

We all spent too much time indoors collecting stuff we don’t need. Now that spring is here, isn’t it time to do some spring cleaning for your business, too? Read more

The eMINTS National Center — Columbia success story

Education innovators land $12m in DOE funds with BDP assistance, workshops. Read more

Midland GIS Solutions, LLC, Midland Surveying, Inc. — Maryville, St. Joseph success story

To NASA and beyond! Read more

Doing business with the government

How to cut through the acres of red tape? MO PTAC knows. Read more

Charles Tool Company, LLC — Eminence success story

How do you tell if foreign companies making inquiries are legit? Read more

BeWell Health, LLC — Columbia success story

Ancient Hindu practice updated for 21st century health with Nasopure. Read more

Silgan Plastic Food Containers — Union success story

You probably used a Silgan PFC food container today, and with ITC help, people globally soon will, too. Read more

International Trade Center helps firms succeed

Clients report an astonishing 900 plus percent increase in exports. Read more

Missouri flood notice

News and resources for businesses and individuals effected by the recent floods. Read more

10 keys to safely accept checks

E-payment, credit and debit cards have made the paper check extinct — right? Paper checks account for about 21 percent or more of total payments made annually to merchants for goods and services. Read more

Babyation — St. Louis success story

How to reinvent an essential, nearly century-old product. Read more

Pulse Medical Staffing, LLC — Columbia success story

What’s it like to be the owner of a medical staffing firm serving more than 300 health care facilities nationwide? Read more

5 things businesses shouldn’t waste money on

Money is tight, so why waste it? Read more

Chip cards: What you need to know

What's a chip card? Find out soon before it's too late. Read more

Reducing employee turnover

Turnover is a serious problem for any sized company. Here are some solid tips to minimize it. Read more


MU Extension's Business Development Program exists to help Missouri’s entrepreneurs succeed in private enterprise and to promote Missouri's economic development. It performs this vital service through a network of business counselors located throughout the state. Read more



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