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BK Bakery changes attitude and keeps it simple

Doughnuts, that’s what the market wants. If 100 people walk in and see we don’t have what they want, they walk out. If I don’t embrace what the market wants, I am counting my days, says owner, Brandon Kelley. Read more

Theodosia Family Medical Clinic, LLC — Theodosia success story

Healthcare in rural Missouri is in crisis, so this entrepreneur decided to do something about it. Read more

Vasquez Commercial Contracting, LLC — Kansas City success story

MO PTAC contributes to firm's success in federal marketplace. Read more

Spring storms and flooding — is your business prepared?

When it rains, it floods … too often in Missouri. Read more

Most common business plan mistakes to address before raising capital

Following these simple steps can help grow your business for years to come. Read more

Rasmussen wins NASBITE Presidents Award for Outstanding Service

Award is first ever. Read more

Weaver Manufacturing Inc. — Columbia success story

Meet the largest small manufacturer you've never heard of. Read more

Missouri Thistle, Inc., dba Thistle, Inc. — Owensville success story

Life isn't easy for this American manufacturer. Read more

Reducing employee turnover

Turnover is a serious problem for any sized company. Here are some solid tips to minimize it. Read more

Business aims to link autistic workers with tech jobs

Teacher Teri Walden and physician Becky Llorens met a couple of years ago and bonded over a common concern. Listen to the video. Watch the video. Read more

Missouri entrepreneurship and innovation honored in Jefferson City

Celebrating 19 small businesses that drive our economy. Read more

Spring cleaning is great for your business, too

Spring at last! Here are 10 tips to clean up your business as you would your home. Read more

How to use Instagram for your business

Instagram is a powerful tool to build brand awareness and community around your business. Here's how to get started. Read more

SBA, MO SBTDC, other agencies unite to rebuild Ferguson

Agencies join forces to help 100 businesses recover. Read more

Management training critical for employers as baby boomers retire

An ongoing program with MU Extension helps private companies and public agencies address this impending management vacuum. Read more

Five reasons to go global and what to know before doing so

Would expanding globally work for your business? Read more

The state’s best-kept economic development secret

In the past three years, in cooperation with our partners, the BDP has presented educational opportunities in management, marketing, finance, international trade, government contracting and many other topics to more than 36,000 business owners and entrepreneurs. Read more


MU Extension's Business Development Program exists to help Missouri’s entrepreneurs succeed in private enterprise and to promote Missouri's economic development. It performs this vital service through a network of business counselors located throughout the state. Read more



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