Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
Oncology keynote is for anyone in the field of health care

Scott Burton, a 20 year cancer survivor, comedian and world-class juggler, will give the keynote address at the 2015 Clinical Oncology Symposium: Enhancing Knowledge, Promoting Application to Practice. Read more

Community and leadership
Storyteller brings black history to life

Storyteller Bobby Norfolk celebrates Black History Month every month. He brings to life stories that relate to social justice in a way that is entertaining for all ages. Read more

Lady Landowner program teaches women about farming

More women, like Cindy Whitlock, are landowners. Women outlive their partners 87 percent of the time and many want to keep the land to pass on to the next generation. Watch the video. Read more

Nutrition and health
Cooking with canned goods

Here are easy-to-prepare recipes using canned chicken as the main ingredient with cooking and preparation tips, measurement conversions and  safety measures. See all of the Can-Do series, Read more

4-H partnership and movie send anti-bullying message

The story of Marshall the Miracle Dog has inspired a book, a movie and a youth mentoring program. The movie features strong anti-bullying and animal rescue themes. Read more

Lawn and garden
2015 is the year of the coleus

Mention coleus to most gardeners and mental images of shade-loving plants with colorful leaves come to mind. This colorful yet durable plant adapts well to a wide range situations. Read more

Emergency management
Can the woolly bear caterpillar predict the weather?

The woolly bear caterpillar often called the “weather worm,” is said to predict what Old Man Winter has in store. Folklore says the narrower the reddish-brown band on the caterpillar, the more severe the winter. Read more

Natural resources
Harvesting timber can provide multiple benefits

A standing tract of timber can bring anywhere from $300 to $700 per acre. Harvesting is a selective process of removing mature trees. About half of the volume can be removed in a sustainable manner. Read more

Families and relationships
A new kind of love: Living apart together

Retirees Joyce Huber and Bob Dolliver are among the growing number of adults who are in committed relationships but live apart. They’re known as LATs, which stands for living apart together. Watch the video. Read more

Home and consumer life
Save part of your tax refund

The nonprofit organization America Saves suggests a 30-40-30 plan for the past, present and future: Designate 30 percent of your refund to pay off debt and catch up on outstanding bills. Watch the video. Read more

Business and careers
Happy herd grazes on a farm in Shatto family more than century

Shatto milk is produced in a variety of flavors — chocolate, cotton candy, cookies and cream, banana, root beer, coffee and pumpkin, among others — that change with the seasons.  Read more

Insomnia remains the most common sleep disorder

Unlike some problems we grow out of, insomnia remains with many of us through life. Read more

Ridding farm of toxic fescue begins on infected hay fields

Renovate hay fields first when replacing toxic fescue with new novel endophyte varieties. Read more

Eating disorders a serious issue

We live in a culture saturated with unrealistic messages about body image. Americans are almost desensitized to the word "diet" because of the overwhelming amount of diet plans currently on the market. Read more

March gardening calendar

Trees, shrubs and perennials may be planted as soon as they become available at local nurseries. Read more

Program to reduce bee kills

The Missouri Pollinator Conservancy Program offers beekeepers new ways to protect hives from pesticide drift. Read more

Be safe when exercising outdoors in cold weather

It is possible to get a great workout outdoors as long as you exercise caution and dress properly. Read more

Learn how MU Extension is improving lives and solving problems

The 2014 Annual Report highlights the programs and activities of the past year that are improving lives, communities and businesses across the state. MU remains strongly committed to the land-grant mission of practical education for all. Read more

MU Extension offers educational grain marketing game

After a successful run last year, University of Missouri Extension is offering a second round of the online grain marketing game "Show-Me Market Showdown" from March 2 to May 8. Read more

Sugarcane aphids may be problem for sorghum growers in 2015

Missouri sorghum growers may find white sugarcane aphids gumming up harvest equipment and reducing yields this fall. Read more

Get the most out of your tax refund

For the wise, a refund windfall is a chance to splurge a little and save a lot. Watch the video. Listen to the audio. Read more

Opportunities with small acreages conference, March 7, St. Joseph

Small acreages offer a variety of ways to generate income, ranging from raising fruits, vegetables, meat and poultry to enhancing your property for outdoor recreation or agritourism. Read more

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