Play helps farmers talk about succession planning

“Map of My Kingdom” gives members of farming communities a look at the difficult process of transferring farmland from one generation to the next. Free performance set for June 10 in Chillicothe. Read more

Lawn and garden
How to deal with tunneling pests in your yard

A mole will generally remain underground and not come to the surface, but most people are familiar with the damage they do with their feeding tunnels and the molehills that they make. Read more

Natural resources
Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Property

Hummingbirds are the smallest native bird in North America at only 3-1/2 inches long and a weight of less than 1/4 of an ounce. The rapid movement of their wings creates a humming sound. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
Why be a part of Osher@Mizzou

We are dedicated to making Osher membership and participation affordable and accessible to Columbia area residents over 50 who wish to be involved. Register online May 9. Read more

Community and leadership
What participants say about EXCEL

More than 7,500 people representing approximately 60 towns throughout Missouri have participated in 40 locally based, EXCEL-type leadership development programs. Read more

Nutrition and health
Garlic's history

“Take two cloves of garlic and call me in the morning.” Not many of us have heard that recommendation, however, for millennia garlic was the “go to” natural remedy for a wide array of ailments. Read more

4-H camp counselor brings humor and compassion to job

Marissa Todd has Down syndrome, but that hasn’t stopped the Marion County high school senior from getting involved in her 4-H club, holding office or becoming a 4-H camp counselor. Read more

Flood recovery resources
Scams and fraud add insult to injury after a disaster

Already reeling from a loss, flood victims can fall prey to dishonest businesses, questionable charities and those looking to make a quick buck. Read more

Families and relationships
Having a furry friend may enhance, extend human life

There are a number of explanations for exactly how pets offer health benefits. First of all, pets need walking, feeding, grooming, and encourage lots of playing and petting. Read more

Home and consumer life
Jump-start your savings

Money is so easy to spend; it slips through fingers like water. Even with the best intentions to put a little money aside every month, we often find there's nothing left when the month comes to a close. Read more

Business and careers
The carp king makes Fish Bliss, organic, all-natural fertilizer

Asian carp is the main ingredient. Originally from Southeast Asia the carp escaped from captivity in Arkansas and are running rampant in the Missouri, Mississippi and other rivers. Read more

Joplin Show-Me-Select sale: Heifer prices remain robust

There's never been a larger spread in prices paid for heifers carrying AI (artificial insemination) sired calves compared to heifers with bull-sired pregnancies. Read more

Strength training beneficial for older adults

Studies show that strength exercises are effective for women and men of all ages whether you are 30 or 85. It is never too late for older adults to start strength training. Read more

10 Missouri firms named rising stars of 2016

And yours can be, too. Read more

May is National Osteoporosis Prevention Month

It's as good a time as any to make the following changes to your diet and lifestyle in order to help keep your bones healthy. Read more

Asparagus: low in calories, high in nutrients and flavor

The flowering perennial is an interesting and low-calorie, high-nutrient spring vegetable. Read more

MU camp for high school students links art and science

In Missouri, being prepared for spring storm and tornado season is a necessity. Read more

Quality heifers inspire strong bids; average price $2,427 at Fruitland

Half of the 121 heifers were registered stock. Of those, 111 carried fetal sexed calves. The spring sale sells replacements that will calve this fall starting Sept. 1. Read more

'Slobbers' alert issued by MU for pastures with excess clover

Legumes make good additions to livestock pastures, up to a point. Too much can cause a problem. Read more

Registration open for Dallas County Cow Camp, June 7

The camp provides tips and education on tying knots, washing and grooming cattle, and showmanship. Read more

Personal financial planning for college graduates (and others)

Here are some specific steps that all graduating seniors should take. Actually, this is good advice for everyone, no matter when or if you’ve graduated from college. Read more

National 4-H Council, HughesNet sponsor 4-H STEM camp

Campers in Clay, Cass, Henry, Johnson, Lafayette, Ray and St. Clair counties will benefit from the programming June 7-9 at Camp Bob White in Knob Noster State Park. Read more

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