Business and careers
Cohen Architectural Woodworking, LLC — St. James

Phillip Cohen, founder and CEO of Cohen Architectural Woodworking, St. James, is the U.S. Small Business Administration's 2017 Small Business Person of the Year for Missouri. Read more

Community and leadership
Mizzou ranked among nation's best public schools

Mizzou ranks 46th out of 499 four-year public institutions across the country, based on 22 indicators of academic excellence, affordability, diversity and economic strength. Read more

Continuing education, seminars and noncredit courses
MU FRTI receives new specialized mobile fire training simulator

The system is incorporated with a trailer to make training as accessible as possible. The institute offers 80 percent of its training in the field to meet career and volunteer fire service schedules and needs. Read more

Learn how to grow hops at MU field day

Horticulturists planted a hops yard at the MU Bradford Research Center in Columbia. The research will help the growing number of home beer brewers who want to grow their own hops. Read more

Lawn and garden
Clematis, 'Queen of the Vines,' climbs in popularity

Few flowering ornamentals are as exquisite as the clematis. The majestic splendor of this vertical climber is hard to pass by in nurseries and greenhouses, Read more

Natural resources
Create and maintain habitats for wild turkeys

Missouri’s spring wild turkey hunting season is April 17 to May 7. Just a little over 50 years ago, wild turkeys were in danger of disappearing. Today, the state’s population is among the largest in the nation. Read more

Nutrition and health
Sleep — Are you getting enough?

Contrary to common belief, sleep is not a time when the mind and body shuts down. Sleep is an active period in which a lot of important processing, restoration and strengthening occurs. Read more

4-H pledges to re-engage millions of alumni to help grow 4-H

4-H, the largest youth development program in the nation, is calling on all alumni to raise their hands to help bring 4-H to 10 million youth by 2025. Raise your hand if you or someone you know is a Missouri alum. Read more

Emergency management
Perryville tornado shows value of mapping systems, planning

The EF4 tornado ripped a 14-mile-long path through Perryville, population 8,225, and rural Perry County. The tornado stripped more than 50 homes and farm buildings to their foundations. Read more

Families and relationships
Spring cleaning with young children

Spring is the time of year for cleaning. Your young children can help with cleaning tasks, especially when they are members of a team that works together. Read more

Home and consumer life
Vegetable with an image problem

Beets have been consumed by humans for over 5000 years. The first beets produced long, thin roots. Therefore, it most likely was the leaves of beets that were harvested and used as a pot herb. Read more

May gardening calendar

Set out tomato plants as soils warm. Place support stakes alongside at planting time. Read more

Insomnia remains the most common sleep disorder

Nearly all of us experience sleeplessness at one time or another. Unlike some problems we grow out of, insomnia remains with many of us through life, changing only in its intensity and its particular form. Read more

Spring weather hurt fescue growth, but second cutting possible

This may be the year for two cuttings of tall fescue hay. Read more

4-H pledges to re-engage millions of alumni to help grow 4-H

Raise your hand if you or someone you know is a Missouri 4-H alum. Read more

Weather-stressed grass sets seed instead of leaf for grazing cattle

In spring, lush green grass grows in pastures—except when odd weather hits. Read more

Ways to help eliminate unnecessary stress at work

When we have more demands than we can meet, however, we may feel out of control. Read more

It's hard to beat beets for nutrition

Love them or hate them, the beet's nutritional value is as intense as its striking purple color. Read more

Go green in the kitchen on Earth Day

If you will be dyeing and hunting Easter eggs, it's important to follow these food safety rules to prevent illness. Read more

State Farm gift supports MU Extension programs

A State Farm Insurance Co. donation of $128,000 presented April 13 includes support for several MU Extension programs. Read more

Growing Growers program cultivates more than plants

Educational sessions available to home and market gardeners. Read more

Arts and cultural heritage tourism for economic development

Studies show that heritage travelers stay longer at their destination, spend more money and tend to put money back in the communities they visit. Read more

Flood-related resources from MU Extension

Be prepared. Read more

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